In this comical adventure, you follow Robbi's battle against Henrik and his evil henchmen. The bully, Henrik, has taken over the school with his robots and evil technobag. Only the old Robot, Robbi, can stop him!

Play as Robbi, help the children of the school, get cool skins, fight against robots, find the golden egg and defeat the bully, Henrik!.

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Danish Film Institute

Summertime and the livin’ ain’t easy. In this dark and absurd interactive graphic novel you follow ayoung woman through hot summer days riddled with anxiety and loneliness in Copenhagen. Amid the desire for isolation there is still a hope that one day, things will change. Maybe the shadow monster in her apartment can help her?

Navigate the girl through a world of grotesque scenarios and richly detailed black and white illustrations. Play original mini-games, scroll fictive social media feeds and send bewildered text messages.

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Supported by the Danish Filminstitute - The Games Scheme

Supported by the Danish Art Foundation

Statens Kunstfond

Are you up for a Tour de World? Take your team through nerve-wracking courses across various landscapes. Gather pace by overtaking rivals and dodge obstacles in an attempt to outrace the other teams to the finish line.

Can I flip it? Yes, you can. Soar through the wide blue yonder before landing safely on your feet.

Time your jump for maximum speed. Tap to leap, hold to flip while mid-air or fly as far as you can to unlock the next level.

Bowling Blast is a free-to-play multiplayer mobile game on iOS and Android that provides a social and engaging bowling experience for players that can’t be found anywhere else. Players get to live the moment of being the star in bowling battles as they make their way up to the top of the world.

Guru Gloo is a mobile physics game about a little creature who explores the world by swinging from one obstacle to another.

It's a three part story that takes you from the confines of a bouldering gym out into the unexplored mountains and up in the endless skies.

Uncover secret areas and hidden faces, in a game that combines action adventure with puzzle solving through a simple and challenging gameplay.

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Niila Games is game studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We focus on hypercore multiplayer mobile games.

The daily life of Niila takes place in Vesterbro, where the bustling life of the streets mix with the soothing humming of the computers. We enjoy the Danish rainy weather and the artificial light of our monitors while working on your next escapist journey!

Niila Group Photo