Niila Games
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Founding date:
January 1, 2017


Press / Business contact:


Guru Gloo

Vesterbrogade 62D, st.
1620 Copenhagen V

+0045 61 41 86 13


Niila Games is an independent game studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The studio is created by ambitious youngsters looking to make their mark on the world of video games.


The Beginning

As kids of the late 90s, we grew up with the common attitude towards video games being that they were a waste of time, or worse that they induced violence. Despite that we continued playing, and now we have gone from consuming to creating. The daily life of Niila takes place in the neighbourhood Vesterbro, in a corner of a back alley in a basement behind a couple of old bikes and some dumpsters. For a couple of hours each day we enjoy the few beams of light that traverse the galaxies to reach our office. After that we return happily to the artificial light of our monitors to create playful experiences.


Niila’s first title is a mobile adventure game called GURU GLOO. The game has a small and poetic story about doing what you find meaningful and not always listening to what others say. It is telling our story in a another setting. As of now Niila is creating its second title - a humouristic ragdoll game where you compete against others in small minigames as you know them from your childhood days.

Who is Niila?

Niila is the long time imaginary friend of co-founder Anton and has been an always faithful companion in the creative exploration of the mind. Today her spirit resides within the company, making sure the creativity of her residents sees the light of day.

Who is Anton?

As a kid, Anton would sit for hourse inside cardboards boxes creating fictional worlds together with Niila. At the age of fifteen, he was found spending too much time playing videogames and so he was sent away to boarding school. Videogames always stayed within the periphy and one day, out of nowhere, he accepted that his faith resided within the world of play. Today, he views himself as digital shamen with an ambition to have Niila earn a small spot in the vast landscape of games.

Who is Peter?

Since Peter was a kid he has challenged the hardest of games. When not perfecting them, Peter would analyze the gameplay, and recreate the games he deemed worthy from scratch. Through this power of recreation Peter has over time turned into a true master of programming. As a console player, Peter will challenge the PC master race any time and more likely than not come out victorious. He is the incarnation of crunch and will see things come to an end.

Who is Lucas?

With ancient roots in far away places, Lucas is imbued with genes and tradition that makes him a true artisan of perfection. This shows through artistic creations so detailed and vivid that you dream about them at night. The avatar of Lucas can be spotted for miles away on the battlefield. As a bringer of precise and swift destruction, Lucas has yielded great power across many realms and continue to do so till this day.

Who is Jonathan?

Jonathan has spent endless dark nights in one of the furthest corner of Jutland shouting at his teammates in online games, while using brighter days building huge LEGO monsters and landscapes. Jonathan is a master of understanding systems and deciphering what works and what doesn’t. Today he mostly plays card games, but mostly as an excuse to showcase his twisted mind through deckbuilding.

Who is Phillip?

Phillip has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. He has both been a ruler and destructor and sees himself as a generous god for those deemed worthy. Phillip can program anything he sets his mind to and like bird phoenix new civilizations arise from the ashes of old. When bored with ruling societies he creates stuff earlier deemed impossible, like virtual hands that doesn’t move through walls.

Who is Ida?

Ida has drawn many things, from pencils to cigarettes she imbues her creations with a dark, but often humorous twist that makes you sad and happy at the same time. Ida can sit for hours without end drawing small stories that tells you a little bit about yourself that you hadn’t thought of before. Sometimes she’s had it with the world, and retreats to her own cosy drawer to regain energy and come back anew.



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