League of Bowling is a free-to-play multiplayer mobile game on iOS and Android that provides a social and engaging bowling experience for players that can’t be found anywhere else. Players get to live the moment of being the star in bowling battles as they make their way up to the top of the world.

Hopeless is an interactive story about a hopeless young woman in Copenhagen who falls apart due to anxiety, loneliness and hopelessness. The player has to reassemble the woman’s limbs by diving into memories and feelings from her past.

Based on the hand drawn comics and personal writings from danish graphic novel artist, Ida Hartmann, ‘Hopeless’ seeks to raise awareness on mental health problems in modern society.

Guru Gloo is a mobile physics game about a little creature who explores the world by swinging from one obstacle to another.

It's a three part story that takes you from the confines of a bouldering gym out into the unexplored mountains and up in the endless skies.

Uncover secret areas and hidden faces, in a game that combines action adventure with puzzle solving through a simple and challenging gameplay.

Guru Gloo Presskit
Download now on your Apple device!
Download now on your Apple device!

Tilted is a local multiplayer arena game where four players compete to wear a mythical samurai helmet. Each player controls their own wonky ragdoll and must battle in a chaotic showdown of combat parkour. Master the mechanics to become the ultimate ragdoll ninja!

Niila Games is an independent game studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Belonging to the first generation of the digital era, we are boundary cyborgs here to create playful experiences for your entertainment.

The daily life of Niila takes place in the neighbourhood Vesterbro, in a corner of a backalley in a basement behind a couple of old bikes and some dumpsters. For a couple of hours each day we enjoy the few beams of light that traverse the galaxies to reach our office. After that we return happily to the artificial light of our monitors.




Game Designer




Artist (Portfolio)




Artist (Comics)


Sound Designer


Programming (Intern)


Artist (Intern, Showreel)


SEO & Marketing (Freelancer, Website)


Artist (Freelancer, Portfolio)